Bicycling – The compact FL300 is good-looking, bright, and easy-to-use

For most of us, bike lights are a necessary tool, used for getting places safely in low light. But UK-based brand Fabric elevates theirs to an art form, with a simple,

BikeRadar review the Fabric Semi Ergo Grips

“Fabric’s Semi Ergo grips are contoured to fit the natural shape of your hands. Grips are a highly personal thing, but these are my impressions.” Read the full review >>

Gritcx review the Cageless Water Bottle

“I’ve split the mounts over two bikes and despite riding over the roughest terrain I could find, I haven’t yet lost a bottle. The mouthpiece works really well and a

Intense’s latest trail bike fitted with a Scoop Radius Elite.

“Slowly but surely it seems most manufacturers are offering at least one plus-sized bike in their lineup. Intense is the latest to back the fat-rubber trend with its new ACV

Our very own mad cap graphic desiger James Hoppe has just built this incredible road bike with his own two hands!

James spent some time learning how to build a bike with our friends at The Bicycle Academy. This bike was a labour of love for James and I think you review Fabric Silicone Grips

Verdict: Nice grips offering excellent purchase and control; a better option for touring and commuting than trail riding Fabric Silicone Grips are a simple, low density design available in a review the Line saddle

“I could instantly find the sweet spot and move around the saddle as needed — all with consistent comfort and feel..” Read the full review >>

MBR Magazine reviews the Scoop Radius Elite – 10/10!

MBR Magazine reviews a dozen of the best saddles. The Fabric #ScoopRadius Elite saddle scores 10/10! “Fabric’s sleek, beautifully packaged Scoop is something of a benchmark perch”. Read the full