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Why are Fabric saddles different.

All Fabric saddles comprise of just three parts: cover, base and rail. By making our saddles simpler, they are not only lighter but more comfortable too.

Jo Burt the creator of Mint Sauce

Jo Burt is the creative genius behind Mint Sauce, a cartoon that has reached cult status in the Mountain Bike world. It’s nearly 30 years since he first began drawing the cycling sheep, and in this video we see him reminiscing about his career as an illustrator, and hear about his preparation for one of the toughest cycling events in the world: the transcontinental.

Patrick Seabase

We had the pleasure to shoot Patrick during 1 day riding his favorite mountain roads in Switzerland on his track bike.

Jill and Bryn

Meet Jill and Bryn, the most talented married duo in the mountain bike world. We have been friends with them for over 10 years, and one thing has never faltered – their love of riding bicycles. For them it’s all in the detail, be it their riding, or the bicycles that they ride.

Chris Akrigg

Ever wondered what it’s like to ride, edit and produce your own videos? Ever wondered what makes our Chris tick? Here’s an insight into the world of Chris Akrigg, there’s plenty of blood, sweat and tears, plus copious amounts of tea and beer. If at work right now, pad your desk up because your jaw will drop!